Airgun addict: Dave Dawes

Dave Dawes takes wildlife photos for a living and shoots air rifles with his son Luke to relax. Here’s his take on the hobby…


“I used to shoot as a kid with a group of mates and we openly carried our rifles and pistols over to the nearby park and farmland to shoot on – how things have changed since the 1970s! My first pistol was a Diana SP50 Gat Gun.”


“Most of my gun collection has been sold, but I have kept my Daystate CRX, which I enjoy because it is built like a tank and is a real tack-driver. It got me a 60/60 in Hunter Field Target and helped me win a few comps too.”


“I have many fond memories of shooting with mates in clubs and competitions. I find shooting for fun with my son to be the best shooting ever. I am proud to have been involved with raising money for local charities as well.”


“If I could give any advice to anyone coming into the sport, it would be to remain safe and try not to get caught up with club politics. I have met so many great people through shooting, and they are all real characters – even the bad ones.”

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