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General licences in England extended

Defra have extended the temporary general licences in England until the end of July. BASC have said that this gives a “window of certainty to the rural community.” BASC say that they “will continue to work with Defra and parliamentarians

Have your say on general licences

Airgun shooters are urged to take part in a public survey to shape the way pest birds are controlled in England The study is part of a review that is being led by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural

Everything you need to know about general licences

In the wake of the news three of the general licences in England, which permit the taking of pest bird species including pigeons, crows and magpies, was revoked yesterday, here is everything you need to know about general licences. Natural

Welsh licences

The Welsh general licences for 2014 have been published – but by BASC, not by the government-funded body Natural Resources Wales as expected.

General licences: what’s the latest?

Six weeks on from the original withdrawal of three general licences for the control of pest bird species, confusion still reigns. For shooters everywhere, questions are still being asked. What can we shoot now? What do we need to apply


BASC is urging Natural England to simplify the general licences which they set to authorise the control of avian pests such as woodpigeons and magpies. While there’s no need to apply for these licences, their conditions must be met by

‘Shoo’ Before You Shoot Policy Too Wide of the Mark

The main aim of Natural England was to have an amendment to the UK’s General Licence so that pest controllers had to ‘frighten off’ quarry before undertaking any shooting – but it was so wide of the mark, they’ve now lowered their sights…

Countryside Groups Hail Licence Move

Six general licences for the control of wild birds are being reissued on a temporary basis – in a move described by BASC as being both “sensible and workable” for shooting and conservation. The general licences had been due to

UK Political Parties – Their Stance on Shooting

With the UK’s general election now just a few short weeks away, the debates are hotting up as the parties’ manifestos are unwrapped. Of course, there are many issues to consider before casting your vote when the country goes to the polls, but if shooting is high up on your agenda, here are the main parties’ true colours…

Crow control: The Countryman

Mat Manning has a hoot using an owl decoy and a bouncer during a crow control session on the farm. The Quarry: Carrion Crow Crow control is essential during spring Pest status: A major problem for farmers, especially in the

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