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Decoying woodpigeons – The Countryman

Mat Manning sets up for a morning’s decoying as the woodpigeons gather over a harvested barley field Late summer is a prime time for the pigeon shooter. Large flocks of these birds gather to feed on spilt grain left behind

Controlling woodpigeons – The Countryman w/ Mat Manning

Faced with a challenging crop protection assignment close to buildings, Mat Manning opts for a low-profile hide-and-seek approach. The purpose of today’s session is crop protection. Pigeons and corvids are targeting leftover grain on a stubble field which is to

Magical hour!

One of the prime times for controlling woodpigeons is to ambush them as they come in to roost at dusk, says Mat Manning

How to hunt pigeons in the winter

Winter foliage has a clear and predictable effect on some types of quarry, finds Simon Everett, as he looks at how to hunt woodpigeons

Tips to make winter outdoor shooting bearable

Enjoyed a really great airgunning year making mixed bags of rabbits and woodpigeons? Reluctant to let cold weather stop play? Mat Manning offers some top tips to keep your outings comfortable during the chilly months…

Pigeon control in this month’s Countryman

In an effort to stop pigeons from decimating corn crops, Mat Manning sets up with hide and decoy tactics to pull in the birds Arable farming is a big industry in my locality, and farmers’ profits can take a serious

Winning in the wind

Making a respectable bag during a blustery day in the woods, Mat Manning tells you how the airgun hunter can turn a strong wind to his advantage…

Targeting pigeons at the roost – the countryman w/ Mat Manning

Winter has long been the traditional season for targeting pigeons as they flight in to roost, and Mat Manning reckons an airgun is the perfect tool for the job. Roost shooting is a wonderful way to target woodpigeons during the

Coping with the cold

Cold weather can bring some of the year’s hottest sport, so Mat Manning explains how to keep your pest control productive when the mercury falls below zero – and stay safe and comfortable in arctic conditions…

Covert crop protection: The Countryman

The sudden abundance of food caused by the autumn maize harvest has attracted a plague of pests that could decimate the following crop. Mat Manning sets up for a decoying session to bring the offending birds to book. The damage

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