ATEO Junior Championships Results

Two champions crowned across three categories in junior competition

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Shooting Organisation

Thanks to modern technology, the airgunner has a lot of tools at his fingertips to help secure and maintain shooting permission. Ian Barnett offers advice on how to seek, hold and gain hunting rights in your area…

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The air cartridge system – 10 years on

This year is the 10th anniversary of the loss of one of the most innovative airgun design concepts. Allan Crookston takes a look back at the air cartridge system that became the hallmark of British gunmaker, Brocock… and recalls his favourite handgun of theirs, the Specialist

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Pellets In Drag

Many shooters have heard of it, a few actually take heed of it… but the majority are left in the dark over it. Most shooters think it probably is very important, however. Research scientist, Miles Morris, offers up an explanation for the little-understood ballistic coefficient of an airgun pellet – and explains why it’s of absolutely no use whatsoever!

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Moving On Up

Making the step up from a sub-£100 air pistol to a top performer needn’t break the bank. Phil Bulmer proves the point with a model that costs just £133 – the Weihrauch HW40 PCA

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Family Fortunes

It’s one of the shooting industry’s biggest success stories in recent years, turning its initial concept of a shooting seat into a huge retail outlet. So Simon Everett sets his sat-nav to Rotherham… and goes behind the scenes at IdleBack

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Keeping the Collareds in Check

Even modestly sized flocks of collared doves have a costly impact on farming and can pose a major health hazard on produce intended for human consumption. Mat Manning and his air rifle are called in by the local farmer…

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Airgun Scene: Autumn Product News

A round-up of new airgunning accessories

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Positive Progress Over Scotland Issue

BASC labels response to public consolation as ‘resounding rejection’

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RAW Hunter

New rifle from Rapid Air Weapons revealed

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