How to make a solid support for benchrest airgun shooting

Andy McLachlan runs through his options when it comes to shake-free shooting, and ends up using a high-end bipod for extra support. Here’s an example of a cheaper imitation Atlas bipod that’s been modified by Jim Edge to make it

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Controlling corvids ahead of the lambing season

We go back to February as Mat Manning puts in a late shift to crack down on scavenging corvids ahead of the lambing season. Hunting trips don’t get much more exciting than an evening targeting crows at the roost. Waiting

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Daystate Delta Wolf .177 review w/ Mat Manning

After cutting his teeth on the high-power Delta Wolf, Mat Manning gets to grips with Daystate’s new flagship in sub-12 guise. The launch of the Daystate Delta Wolf was without doubt one of the biggest events in the 2020 airgun

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Daystate Howler slugs reviewed by Roger Lait

Roger Lait gets to grips with the new Howler slug from Daystate, and despite an anxious start finds himself ending up in airgun heaven. Daystate Howler slugs Hi Roger, I understand you like shooting slugs. How do you fancy being

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Best thermal and IR spotters w/ Richard Saunders

The rabbits and rats hide, and Rich Saunders seeks with the help of some of the best thermal and IR spotters on the market. I have to admit to being instinctively dubious of most new things. For good or bad,

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Airgun springer: top tips to improve accuracy

Airgun springers can be challenging to shoot, but these tips will help you get on target Choose the right airgun springer for you It’s great to find a rifle you like the look of, but it’s even more important to

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Airgun accuracy: unlocking the Weihrauch HW45’s potential

Airgun enthusiast Phil Hooper attempts to unlock the accuracy potential of the iconic Weihrauch HW45 spring-powered pistol Phil’s happy to shoot his target pistol standing, but his preferred technique with the HW45 is to adopt a sitting position As a

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Decoy pigeon patterns with Mat Manning

Movement is one of the prime factors in persuading pest birds to approach a decoy pattern, as Mat Manning proves when he tries out a new flapper on a challenging day. Full-body Enforcer decoys were initially used to create the

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Long-range target shooting with Andy McLachlan

Andy McLachlan recounts how one indoor club accepted the challenge of Covid to arise even better than it was before. This is the view from one of the shooting booths at the newly laid out Leigh range – the far

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Night vision rat hunting – The Countryman

Were looking back to midwinter when Mat Manning set himself up with night vision and put in a late shift in an attempt to hold back the winter influx of rats. Cold weather is setting in and rats are becoming

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