6 Must-have airgun kit accessories

We don’t know about you, but there are never enough accessories for our airguns, so to save you the trouble of scouring around the internet yourself we’ve rounded up essential pieces of kit to add to your ever growing list of must-haves. Did we mention Christmas is right around the corner?!

1. MTC’s Rapier Ballistic

It’s rangefinding made easy – especially if you have a smartphone and a spare ear

MTC Optics has unveiled a laser rangefinder which should prove useful to airgunners as well as longer-range centrefire users. The new Rapier Ballistic will measure ranges out to 1,000 metres as well as inclination. It contains a Bluetooth module which is capable of connecting to a smartphone.

With this feature enabled, the MTC ballistic app will instantly calculate point of impact and holdover adjustment in clicks, mils or minutes of angle. This data can even be relayed verbally using the supplied in-ear headset. This is ideal when shooting with a spotting partner who is either out of earshot or when voice communication is not practical.

2. Armex WII Accessories

Accessorise your Umarex MP 40 lookalike with some WWII-themed replica products, thanks to Armex

The range of replica guns available today is huge. Want a Wild West six-shooter? Check. How about a modern-day semi-automatic? Yep, that’s covered, too. But there has always been huge interest in the Second World War, with replicas from Great Britain, the Soviet Union and Germany. Umarex’s latest entry in this field is the poorly named MP German, which is actually a pretty solid BB-firing copy of the MP 40 submachine gun. The gun itself is available in black or battle-worn finishes, and comes with one magazine, with spares available. Armex has upped the ante by bringing out some accessories for the MP German, these being a copy of the original MP 40 manual, a leather sling and an assault carry bag with room for spare magazines.

3. MTC Optics sidewheel

Fancy a bit on the side?

Scopes with side parallax adjustment are very much the norm these days. While adjustable objective scopes are perfectly functional, the side parallax system offers the shooter an easier way to adjust parallax, and hence focus, while keeping the rifle on aim. More leverage, and therefore more precision in adjustment, can be had by adding a PA lever or sidewheel, and MTC Optics has now released such a wheel for its Viper Pro and Mamba Pro.

4. Brattonsound Atlas Safe

Stay safe and sound with a Brattonsound

While there’s no legal requirement to secure sub-12ft lb air rifles in a gun safe, it’s nevertheless a sensible way to store your guns. A safe also means that you’re ahead of the game should you wish to apply later for a Firearm Certificate for either FAC Air or powder-burners. Brattonsound Engineering has been making safes in the UK since 1982, and now has a new model for you to consider. The Atlas features a double-skinned vault type door with high-security three-way multi-point locking pins, as well as an internal locking compartment.

5. Professional Airgun Optics PAO Emerald IR SWAT

Holdover or dial in? You choose with the PAO Emerald IR SWAT

Professional Airgun Optics offers a comprehensive range of scopes from entry-level fixed-focus budget models through to the £219 30mm-bodied 4-16×56 Emerald IR SWAT scope seen here. The package includes a 100mm sidewheel, mounts, flip-up lens covers and a sunshade. A 6-24×56 telly is also available. The Emerald gets its name not just from the coloured ring that surrounds the objective bell, but from the dual illumination of the reticle – green as well as red.

The reticle is graduated in mil-dots and the turrets feature 1/4in-at-100-yard adjustments. Clicks are extremely positive, and the turrets are of a target type. Pull them up to adjust point of impact, then press down to lock in that zero. The manual offers clear instructions in words and colour photos – great for newcomers who aren’t familiar with operating scopes.

6. Atom Budget Scopes

The Atom features flip-up caps and a saddle-mounted IR control, with five levels of illumination for each colour

Airgun shooting can end up being a fairly expensive hobby (and with lists like these, the pennies fast add-up!) but at least it doesn’t have to start out that way. Shooting retailer In Your Sights (www.inyoursights.co.uk) has a budget range of Atom scopes with more features than their price would lead you to believe.

The 6-24×50 scope below features an illuminated reticle in red and green, and semi-target turrets with lock rings. Windage and elevation adjustments are 1/4 minute of angle at 100 yards, and parallax is handled via an adjustable objective. The 6-24×50 scope costs £49.99.



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