Airgun Answers: extended bipods

Q: I take a lot of sitting shots. Should I get an extended bipod?

A: Shooting sticks such as the Primos Trigger Stick Gen 3 will let you take standing shots as well as sitting and kneeling, and as such are incredibly versatile. This versatility comes at a slight cost, however, in that you’ll have to carry the sticks as well as your rifle when you head out hunting. If you know you are only going to be taking sitting or kneeling shots, you could invest in an extended bipod, that can either be carried on your rifle or in your backpack until it’s needed.

An extended bipod is not designed to be shot prone: the legs are too high, typically extending anywhere from 40 to 80cm. However, these bipods excel at what they’ve been built to do. Their only drawbacks are that they are so specialised and are quite long, so be careful not to snag the bipod if you have one attached to your rifle when you’re moving into position. Alternatively, leave it off your rifle until you’ve reached your hide or firing point.

Another option is to go for a bipod like the Javelin from Spartan Precision Equipment (, which has swappable legs. This bipod comes with regular legs designed for prone or bench shooting that can be quickly removed and a replacement longer set installed. Two lengths are available, depending on your build. The 46cm legs provide a usable height between 47 and 57cm, while the 56cm legs gives a usable height between 57 and 67cm. These are ideal for shooting over uneven terrain or fl ora such as long grass or heather where you can’t go prone.

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