Airgun Shooter presents: Gear of the Year (pt2 of 7)

In our second part, we’re continuing our mammoth recommendation of products to cap off 2019 – this is Gear of the Year!

So whenever you’re considering a new gun, optic or shooting accessory, you need to know that it works really well, is a pleasure to use and represents great value for money. Here are just some of the items that have impressed us over the past year!



Umarex teamed up with world-renowned Austrian arms manufacturer Glock to produce several airgun versions of its iconic range of pistols, including the Glock 17 Gen4.

This CO2-powered variant mirrors the fourth-generation original, with an enlarged magazine release catch, modified rough texture chequering on the polymer frame and grip, and the ‘Gen4’ marking on the blowback metal slide. The pistol is field strippable, and the magazine is a complete drop-out unit which houses 19 4.5mm BBs and the 12g CO2 capsule.


Webley produces several airguns based on this famous pistol, and has sensibly focused on the most well-known variant, the Mark VI. These CO2-powered handguns come in a choice of finishes in either BB-firing or pellet-firing format.

The revolver shown here is Exhibition finish, shoots .177 pellets and has a rifled barrel. Great workmanship and a great trigger make the Webley Mark VI a joy to hold and a pleasure to shoot – and it’s accurate too.


This classic-looking handgun represents a more conventional style of fixed-barrel revolver, where the cylinder swings out from the frame of the gun in order for its shooter to access it when loading, unloading and cleaning.

The pellet-firing 4.5 Special uses an eight-shot rotary magazine that slots into the rear of the cylinder. 

It can be ejected with an extractor, but the mag can also be left in place and loaded in situ to speed up the action when it’s coming thick and fast. 

Reactive targets


Firebird Targets leave you in no doubt that you hit the mark, as these 40mm discs let off a fearsome flash when hit.

Each pack includes a circular holder to be screwed or nailed into a suitable backstop. The target discs then simply snap in place.


This 30mm target features a hinged cover that’s held in place by a strong magnet. This hides a cavity into which a ring of caps is placed. A solid strike to the cover sets off the caps, delivering  an impressive bang and flash.


Screw the Dual 2 to a post, then load a couple of party poppers into the holes at the top and secure the pull strings to the top of the red target legs.

A direct hit to the 22mm bullseye forces the leg down, pulls the string and results in the streamers being released with a satisfying bang.

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