Airgun Shooter presents: Gear of the Year (pt4 of 7)

We hope you had a very merry Christmas! The presents don’t stop there however, as we have something for you! In our fourth part, we’re continuing our mammoth recommendation of products to cap off 2019 – this is Gear of the Year!

So whenever you’re considering a new gun, optic or shooting accessory, you need to know that it works really well, is a pleasure to use and represents great value for money. Here are just some of the items that have impressed us over the past year!



Air Arms Diabolo Field pellets are regarded as a ‘go to’ choice of ammo for many airgun shooters as they are an absolute stalwart of the sport, and have built up a well deserved reputation over the years.

Quality of manufacture of this domehead diabolo is excellent, and while this pellet is geared towards the airgun hunter, the results we’ve recorded in our tests prove it’s versatile enough to be taken to the range as well.


Qiang Yuan Sports made a big impact on the airgun scene with its Domed pellets, but has another diabolo type called the Streamlined which is available in two different head sizes, 4.49 and 4.50, and in two weights, these being 8.48 grains and 9.56 grains.

Finding the right match for your barrel has been made easier due to this extended choice, rewarding the shooter with some extremely well-made and straight-shooting ammo.


While it’s marketed as a Field Target competition pellet, this domehead diabolo is well worth considering for hunting and other types of competition as well.

The shape of the Baracuda FT is in part inspired by the company’s stalwart Baracuda Match, featuring a slightly more pointed head than a typical domehead. There are several superb all-round pellets that are not just jacks of all trades, but are masters of their craft: the Baracuda FT is on that elite list.


What are the two things we look for when trying to find the right ammo for our guns? Consistency and accuracy have to be top, and these pellets from German firm RWS tick both boxes.

They’re cleanly made, and our tests revealed a spread of just four feet per second over the chronograph and one-hole groups out to 40 yards. With results like these, the RWS Super Field is a shining example of what can be achieved in the right barrel and gun.


These hand-picked premium pellets may cost a bit more, but they are consistent in terms of shape, weight and size. Packaging is excellent too, with the ammo stored in a hinged hard plastic box that’s been lined with two styrofoam trays, each holding 100 pellets, to ensure they stay in perfect condition all the way to the breech.

They don’t just look well made, they shoot well too, and while they’re geared towards target shooters, hunters will also appreciate their consistent performance.


Heavy pellets generally perform well at FAC levels, but there’s definitely a case for more hefty projectiles to be used at sub-12 foot pound levels too. The Daystate FT Heavy is one such pellet, being a great choice for shooters using regular sub-12 foot pound rifles in the UK, as well as those shooting them at higher velocities who have a Firearm Certificate.

Cleanly made and accurate, the Daystate FT Heavy is a top-performing pellet that’s worthy of being tested in your rifle.


Pro Hunter produces hand-swaged slugs that perform well in FAC-rated air rifles, but can shoot very well in some sub-12 foot pound models too.

The slugs are made from 99.95% pure lead and have a hollow point for maximum impact. Swaging uses high pressure to compress the lead to a pre-formed die shape. It’s a very precise method and Pro Hunter aims for a variation of no more than 1/10 grain in .22, .25 and .30 calibres.


Bisley Magnums are heavy, high-precision pellets for longer distances. They’re recommended for target shooting out to ranges of 50 yards, and are exceptional hunting pellets because their heavy-for-calibre construction will maximise energy transfer into shot quarry.

They are extremely solid projectiles and very cleanly made, and whether you’re a target shooter or hunter who’s looking for a long-range pellet that remains accurate at distance, it’s time to uncork the Magnum.



At 230mm long with a diameter of 37mm, the Marksman is the biggest silencer in the A&M Custom Gunsmiths range – and that makes it a great choice for larger rifles and higher velocities too if you’re shooting FAC air.

If the Marksman is too much silencer for you, then take a look at the Twink. Although it’s smaller, it’s well-made and performs well too, and as with all the other products in the A&M moderator range, there’s a purposeful simplicity in its design.


Huggett Moderators has a reputation for style as well as substance, and aesthetically pleasing models such as the Belita have now been joined by arguably the most stylish of them all – the Astille.

If its space age looks aren’t enough to tempt you, the Astille promises superior sound-deadening qualities and increased accuracy potential.


Webley’s QGS range of metal moderators lets you choose the perfect suppressor for your needs.

The line-up includes the QGS 4, which is designed for most CO2, spring and PCP air pistols, and the QGS 6, which can be used with most air rifles as well as .22 LR rimfires.

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