Airgun Shooter presents: Gear of the Year (pt5 of 7)

We hope you had a very merry Christmas! The presents don’t stop there however, as we have something for you! In our fifth part, we’re continuing our mammoth recommendation of products to cap off 2019 – this is Gear of the Year!

So whenever you’re considering a new gun, optic or shooting accessory, you need to know that it works really well, is a pleasure to use and represents great value for money. Here are just some of the items that have impressed us over the past year!

Night shooting

ATN X-SIGHT 4K PRO 3-14×50

The ATN X-Sight has been around for several years, and the current iteration, the X-Sight 4K Pro 3-14×50, represents a significant leap forward in terms of features, function and usability.

It’s as close as a day/night scope can get to being the best of both worlds without being in any sense a compromise on either. In daylight, the colour image is crisp and clear. In night mode, with the IR torch switched on, it’s so good it’s almost cheating.


This combined HD 700tvl camera and re-chargeable poly lithium battery unit promises a run time of up to five hours and attaches to a day scope via a study carbon-fibre-wrapped plastic tube that gets fixed into place with the help of nylon screws.

Setting the DNS up is straightforward, plus you won’t have to re-zero your rifle. And there’s no doubting the quality, because the image through the camera is superbly clear and fills the entire screen.


NiteSite has become synonymous with shooting in the dark, and the Dark Ops Eagle is a refined version of an existing product that benefits from design tweaks and new technology.

Heads-up IR systems are unbeatable when it comes to scanning areas for quarry, and the Dark Ops Eagle is one of the best. The shooting position soon feels comfortable and you have the added benefit of not needing to adjust the zero on your day scope.


This compact hand-held thermal imager offers up to 950m of detection range with 2x to 8x magnification, making it the perfect thermal imaging monocular for scouting and spotting.

Its eight colour palettes enhance viewing in varying conditions. While the White Hot mode is versatile, Hot Black is favoured for detecting wildlife at night. Tough and reliable, the Axion Key’s magnesium alloy body shell is waterproof to one metre for up to 30 minutes.


The WayPoint spotlight from US firm Streamlight is a great tool for the nocturnal airgun hunter as it can be used for extended periods in the field using its onboard supply of four C-sized alkaline batteries.

It also comes with a 12V power cord, so you can save battery power at your car when prepping before the shoot, or packing away after. It also has low intensity, high intensity and emergency lighting modes.


The A67iC can quickly be fitted to the included scope mount, thanks to its quick-detachable Picatinny release. It provides illumination in red light, white light and green light, and these colours can be changed on the fly by rotating a selector dial on the lamp.

Elevation and windage controls let you adjust the beam to coincide with the zero of your scope, and the width of the beam can be changed from spot to flood by twisting the bezel.


The Sightline is easy to mount, thanks to its integrated mounts, and easy to use, with the controls well laid out and covering everything from reticle style, brightness and contrast to zeroing, date and time.

The front lens cap has a small hole, and keeping the cap closed during daylight improves the image. At night, flip the cover up and simply switch on the integrated IR torch, which is mounted on the right-hand side.

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