Classic Gun Spotlight: Weihrauch HW 35

How many gunmakers have a product that has been in its inventory for the past 66 years? One such item is the Weihrauch HW 35, says Andy McLachlan

The 35 is available in .177 and .22, and with a rifle or carbine-length barrel

The HW 35 is a large, superbly well-engineered, spring-powered break-barrel air rifle. It has always retained its barrel-locking catch, which was designed to allow a rock-solid breech lock-up. It also ensures that the air pressure is presented at the rear of the pellet and not dissipated to atmosphere via a poorly sealed breech.

The barrel latch assembly on the Weihrauch HW 35 ensures great barrel lock-up

With any air rifle, the ability to deliver relatively low-powered projectiles accurately onto the target is far more important than squeezing the last ounce of muzzle energy from the action. The HW 35 is fitted with the Rekord trigger assembly, which allows you to finely adjust settings to your heart’s content, to the extent that trigger release can become an almost unconscious act in which the gun appears to shoot itself.

This gun prefers lightweight domed pellets – in this case, a tin of Webley Mosquitos

The HW 35 is a hefty beast. Its fighting weight is approximately 8.5 pounds (3.9kg,) which can result in muscle fatigue if carried for long periods of time in the field.

The world-famous Weihrauch Rekord trigger assembly is responsible for much of the gun’s inherent accuracy

My own current HW 35, manufactured in the 1980s, is beautiful to behold if you are a classic airgun aficionado like myself. The perfectly blued action resides in a lovely oiled walnut stock, complete with its hand-cut pistol grip chequering. All airgun shooters should own an HW 35: it is very much part of our heritage! 

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