First Impressions: Discovery HI 4-16×44 SF

The telescopic sight manufacturer Discovery has the motto “Discovering The Unknown” and Mike Morton sheds some light on its HI 4-16

Key Specs
Supplied by: Sure Shot Airguns
Model: Discovery HI 4-16×44 SF
Price: £169.99
Magnification: 4-16x
Length: 359mm
Weight: 718g
Diameter of objective lens: 44mm
Diameter of scope body: 30mm
Minimum parallax distance: 10 yards (9.1 metres)
Click values: 1/8 MOA
Elevation/windage adjustment range: 60 MOA
Lens coating: Fully laminated
Recoil rating: Shock-resistant for all types of air rifles

Discovery may not be among the best-known brands in Europe, but this Chinese company has quite an extensive range of rifle scopes and could turn out to be quite an important player. While most of the scopes in the Discovery range are pretty conventional, offering side parallax, first or second focal plane, and tubes in either 30mm or 1 inch, the HI 4-16×44 SF is out to break some rules.

While almost all modern telescopic sights feature a black finish throughout, the aesthetics of this particular scope make it stand out. The caps on the flip-up lens covers are in the company’s signature blue, while the controls feature a star-shaped moulding.

The illuminated reticle offers five levels of intensity in both red and green – just remember to turn off the illumination when it’s not in use to conserve battery life

The side parallax, windage and elevation turrets even feature a red accent. You’ll either love the look or hate it, but either way, this £170 scope is undeniably a very capable optic. And if you want to stay conservative, just take a look at some of the more conventional Discovery scopes on offer.

This scope will parallax down to 10 yards and is rated for all airguns. In fact, the HI is rated up to .388 Lapua Magnum, a cartridge developed for long-range military sniping, so it should be more than capable of handling any air rifle you throw its way.

The magnification ring is smooth, but firm. The unconventional-looking control may look a bit different, but it does offer a good grip, even when you’re wearing gloves

The reticle is a half mil-dot style, and the image is commendably clear. The scope offers illumination in red and green, and windage and elevation adjustments are 1/8 minute of angle, which offers additional precision when setting zero.

The turrets are a semi-target type and are finger-friendly, being pulled up to adjust, then pushed down again to lock back in place once zero’s been set. You could easily dial in with this scope if you wanted, rather than using the more traditional holdover or holdunder.

Discovery’s very individual styling is transferred to the windage and elevation turrets too, but they are easy to grab hold of and operate

The 4-16 model seen here comes with a 3in sunshade as standard, but we couldn’t resist fitting the optional honeycomb shade. This serves two functions: cutting down excess glare while taking up less weight and space than a conventional sunshade. It also stops light reflecting off the objective lens, possibly spooking quarry.

Let’s take a closer look…

While blue isn’t to everyone’s taste, the covers work well. If they bother you, swap them for aftermarket covers from Vortex or Butler Creek

Windage and elevation adjustment is offered in 1/8 MOA increments – that’s more precise than the 1/4 MOA that’s usually on offer

While the scope comes with a regular 3in sunshade, an optional honeycomb shade can be bought for an extra £10

Removing the rear scope cover reveals the fast-focus ring, for adjusting the crispness of the reticle to suit your shooting eye

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