‘Best ever’ IdleBack Deal


601_IdlebackChairApart from improving accuracy for hunting, plinking and zeroing up, an IdleBack makes shooting accessible to people who may otherwise struggle to use an airgun unsupported – and the hot news is that the famous IdleBack Shooting Chair is now available at its lowest price ever!

Buy direct from the IdleBack factory and you can own the world-famous seat for as little as £270 (plus £10 postage & packing) – or you can get the fully tricked-out Premier Combo for £356. Those prices are also inclusive of a lifetime parts warranty.


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One comment on “‘Best ever’ IdleBack Deal
  1. Paul Willson says:

    I bought the Premier Combo earlier this year, and I swear by it.
    My grandson (11) and I improved significantly our ability for consistently hitting what we are aiming at!!

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