Fenix TK15-S2 Kit

It’s no accident that the Fenix range of tactical flashlights has found favour among airgun hunters. They’re a powerful, durable, low-profile and lightweight alternative to ‘traditional’ gun lamps, which makes the latest S2 model of the hugely-popular TK15 perfect hardware for a nighttime ratting rig.

300_Fenix TK15-S2Along with dual recoil springs in the battery compartment – perfect for use on a recoiling rifle like the MagTech – the TK15-S2 now features a CREE XP-G S2 LED that ups the old model’s output of 337 lumens to 400. But before you say that’s over-illumination for the job in hand, the S2 has a versatile four-way power adjuster (plus a strobe) to adjust its brightness accordingly. On the lower powers, its beam is nicely wide and diffused enough for farmyard work, although its maximum throw will stretch beyond 150 metres if you want to double-up for night-time rabbiting – and for over two hours’ duration. It’s also IPX-8 rated for all-weather use if you do choose to use it in the fields.

Although it can be bought on its own (for £65.95), the TK15-S2 comes best as a kit, complete with dual-bay charger for its two, 2400mAh 18650 Li-ion rechargeable batteries, an MX1101 universal glass reinforced nylon quick-fi t mount, curly-cord remote switch for stock-mounted control and a red filter. As most scaly-tails are very skittish when it comes to white light, the filter option is particularly useful on a dedicated ratting rig.

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