First impressions: TacRest from Edgar Brothers

Inflation is rarely a good thing, but the TacRest Inflatable Shooting Bag from Edgar Brothers proves to be the exception rather than the rule.

The TacRest is pre-filled and can be adjusted for height by pumping the bulb to add air or depressing the button to release it

Bench bags are great, but can suffer from two issues, these being weight and adjustability, however Edgar Brothers looks to have overcome both with the TacRest Inflatable Shooting Bag, a stable rest that has one unusual ace up its sleeve – it’s a pre-filled bag with an inflatable bladder.

Bench bags need to be heavy enough that they don’t shift around when you’re in the aim, but not so that they become a nuisance to lug around. Weighing in at 2.1kg, the TacRest is a compromise between the two.

But its special feature is the built-in micro-adjustment pump. When you’re in the aim, you can inflate or deflate the notch the rifle is resting in, raising or lowering your point of aim accordingly. This system is much easier than having to readjust the rifle to get perfect elevation.

The £64.99 TacRest is made of durable Cordura and measures 23cm long, 11.5cm wide and 11.5cm high, while the shooting notch can be inflated to 17.5cm.

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