Idleback Premier Combo shooting seat

Ratting is rarely an on-the-move assignment; it’s usually a waiting game – sometimes a long one – where you’re holed-up within range of the rat-runs you know to be operational. While the farmyard can sometimes offer up a perfect platform on which to lie and wait, there’s nothing worse than having to make do with either a compromising shooting position, or an uncomfortable one.

IdleBack’s shooting chair is therefore just the ticket – whether you opt for the standard Rifle model, with its tilt-adjustable shooting cradle or the Premier Combo (second left), with its multi-positional armrest and detachable shooting cradle. And because rats are always an ‘active’ target, the silent, 360-degree swivel facility of the seat is perfect for tracking the rodents between runs.


As well as a better, fold-down back rest, the latest models have an improved cradle-arm, with the cradle offset to allow either right- or left-handed use. Though the arm’s been given more rigidity, there’s enough ‘softness’ in the cradle itself to allow accurate shooting with a recoiler like the gas-ram powered MagTech – and there’s enough adjustability to accommodate high and low shooting angles.

While the Combo models offer a detachable cradle-arm – useful for instances where you’ve got a ‘natural’ rifle rest already to hand in the shape of farmyard machinery – the Premier models come with an additional, angle-adjustable arm rest which allows for really rocksteady aiming. As rats are quite small critters, this can be a real aid when trying to get a bead – especially if you end up having to extend your ranges a bit to accommodate the environment.

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