Jack Pyke Hunter’s Boots

While boots are a field shooter’s essential, correct footwear plays an important role when ratting around the farmyard sheds. There’s plenty of muck you don’t want going into your socks, plus more than just a few sharp obstacles which you won’t want poking through into your flesh.

Jack Pyke’s Hunter’s Boots are man enough for the toughest terrain, and so perfect for close-quarter ratting work – especially as their Thinsulate insulation will keep your toes cosy no matter how cold the ground.

700 JP Hunters BootMade of durable leather, the thick, well-shod Vibram Trek rubber soles are bolstered by a surrounding rubber rand to give both grip on, and added protection against, rough terrain. High ankles stop you getting a sock-ful of farmer Giles’ finest when ratting around the pig-pens and cow sheds, and walking comfort comes by way of the boots’ padded heel, inner sole and tongue. Meanwhile, a special anti-microbial treatment also helps keep your feet as fresh as the daisies outside.

Healthily long laces aid fit, and there’s a speed-lace system incorporated to make getting in and out of the Hunter’s Boots an effortless affair – always a bonus after a mucky night in the cold outdoors.

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