Jack Pyke Multi-Tool

Every pest controller worth his salt will tell you that shot rats should never be handled by hand – and their dead carcasses should be disposed of on the farmyard bonfire. It’s not always practical to carry around long tongs with you, nor will there always be a shovel close-by – so it pays to carry a practical multi-tool in your kitbag.

800 JP MultiTool

This one from Jack Pyke comes in a handy nylon sheath that attaches to your belt – and its butterfly-style grips open out to form a long-handled set of pliers that can be used to safely carry your shot rats to the bonfire site by their scaly tails.

So, why not just carry a set of pliers? Well, the advantage of a multi-tool is that you’ve got 10 additional tools at your fingertips should you ever need them – knives, files, screwdrivers and bottle openers. There’s even a ruler marked in imperial and metric on the handle should you ever want to measure the length of that mega-rodent you may just shoot.

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