Jahti-Jakt’s underwear

It may seem odd to include under garments in a ratting combo – but when sitting around for hours in a cattle shed during coldest hours of a winter’s night, personal comfort becomes as crucial as your hardware itself.

Forget ordinary underpants and a vest.  Jahti-Jakt’s thermal underwear has been specially tailored for shooting in arctic conditions – it’s what h600_JJ5101L757_Pro_underwearunters in Scandinavia wear as their base layer… and they hunt in minus 20 degrees.

Ideal when worn in conjunction with ‘layers’ – perhaps a fl eece between it and your over-jacket. This underwear comprises of a long-sleeved shirt that sports tight-fitting cuffs to make sure your wrists are well protected against frostbite, along with long-johns that provide plenty of unrestricted movement when you’re handling a rifle in a confined space. Jahti-Jakt uses a breathable fabric material which wicks away any moisture so that any body perspiration – ratting can certainly make you sweat at times – is removed from your skin and doesn’t make you shiver.

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