Perfect pistol scope


Range-Right has relaunched its popular PAO 2×20 long eye-relief scope in response to growing demand for quality pistol scopes. Constructed from a single tube of aircraft-grade aluminium, the new scope is shock-, water- and fogproof, comes with a Duplex-type reticle, finger-adjustable turrets and focuses down to just five metres.

Included in its £39.99 SRP are two sets of PAO match grade mounts – one for standard dovetails and one for Weaver/Picatinny rails.


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5 comments on “Perfect pistol scope
  1. Drew says:

    please supply details of the scope’s paralax setting. Is this adjustable?

    • The Editor says:

      The manufacturer did not supply parallax details, but as it wasn’t apparent in our test, we’d assume it was sent relatively close (around 15 to 25 yards). The only way to adjust it would be to alter the lock-rings and move the objective lens in or out – a job we wouldn’t recommend as it invalidates the guarantee. To reiterate, however, our test scope was fine for airgun pistol ranges.

  2. Rob Pollock says:

    I think this could be ideal for a re-introduction of the Webley Telescan concept, for those of us ‘mature’ enough to remember it. To those of us who aren’t, the idea was a scope rail which mounted where the rear sight is usually located, and a (1.5×15) pistol scope fitted.

  3. The Editor says:

    I remember that – and didn’t Gamo also do a rifle combo with a long eye-relief pistol scope mounted on top of the breech block? Circa 1986, distributed by ASI at the time…

    • Rob Pollock says:

      Not sure about the Gamo one, but think I read somewhere the paralax was set to 30 or 35 yards on these

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