How to clean a muzzle brake mechanism

Cleaning an airgun barrel is a relatively easy task – but when the gun has a muzzle brake fitted, things can get frustrating. Mark Camoccio shows you one of the tricks of the trade…

Cleaning a gun with a muzzle may not be as difficult as it seems…

1. Straw Preparation

Take a small drinking straw (around 3.5-4mm diameter), and gently cut it open down one side, top to bottom. Carefully feed the loop of a slimline pull-through cord (coated fishing-line wire is ideal) into the straw, until the loop hasn’t quite emerged from the other end.

2. Barrel Feed

Safety-check the gun and open the breech or bolt for safety, as you have to almost look down it! Carefully feed the straw into the lip of the muzzle brake, and align it into the barrel inside by eye. (You should be able to see daylight.) Push the straw almost fully into the barrel.

3. Straw Removal

Hold the straw while feeding the pull-through line through the straw and down into the barrel a good distance. Next, pull the line gently sideways, until it begins to split through the side of the straw. At this point, hold the line, and gently pull the straw away and discard.

4. Patch-up time

Continue to push the pull-through line right through the barrel, until it emerges at the breech. Attach a small cloth patch and lubricate with barrel cleaner in the normal way. Pull the line and patch through the barrel, and repeat the whole process until the patch emerges clean.

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