How to fill a PCP with air

A dive cylinder is the easiest way to fill a PCP – just be aware of the pressures involved

There’s no dark art to filling the air cylinder, just remember two simple rules: fill the rifle slowly and keep everything free of dust and grit.

1. Male and female adapters

PCPs are filled using male and female adapters. All makes essentially work the same way. The Scorpion SE here uses a simple system, with the male probe being inserted into the rifle and the air pressure being maintained during filling by two O-rings.

2. All Charge!

Making sure the charging hose has been attached to the rifle, fully close the bleed valve on the cylinder and then start charging the rifle. Open the air valve slowly but fully. As the air flows into the rifle’s onboard cylinder keep an eye on the gauge.

3. On the Level

Every PCP should quote its maximum fill pressure. It’s tempting to fill right up to this level because you think you’re going to get more shots per fill. Perhaps, but in an unregulated rifle the shot consistency will suffer. You’re looking for the sweet zone.

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