How to pack a scope mount

Running out of scope turret adjustment, for whatever reason, is more common than you may think. Packing the mounts may not be ideal, but it can prove to be a cost- effective solution, insists Mark Camoccio.

1. Cut

The idea is to make a super-thin layer from tin foil, created in such a way as to evenly spread the support across the scope mount ring. First, cut a length of foil in a strip around 12 inches across to the width of the mount, which is normally ¾ of an inch.

2. Fold

Fold in one end by 4mm and then fold it back on itself by 6mm, and keep increasing the size of the fold by 2mm, first one way and then the other. When you’re carrying out this exercise it’s important to be as precise as possible.

3. Be Neat

The more accurate and neat you are the more effective this packing device will be. We should now have one thin strip in one continuous pleat. Gradually increasing the panels in size will give us a near perfect support under one end of the scope.

4. Fine-tune

Gently and evenly sit the finished pleat in one of the mount bases. If you find that the impact point is too low, pack the back and vice versa. Trim the foil to fit if necessary, and make additional or thicker sections of foil as required.

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