How to weigh your pellets

Weighing pellets can be a tedious process, but bagging trophies requires every aspect of your approach to be finely tuned. So get the scales out, suggests Mark Camoccio


The aim of this process is to end up with a batch of ammo which is considered to be near perfect, so we must start with a visual inspection of each pellet. It sounds obvious, but if the aim is to push things to the nth degree then a slightly deformed pellet is best discarded.


Get a top quality set of mini scales (I now use a pocket-sized set of digital powder scales, costing around £50). Most decent quality pellets will print the weight, normally in grains, on the top of the tin; weigh each pellet in turn to check the weight is near to the stated figure.


I work to within .2 grains either side of the stated weight. Take the Air Arms Diabolo Express in .177 calibre, with a stated weight of 7.87 grains, as an example. I would keep the 7.9s, 7.7s and 8.1s in separate tins.


We should end up with a high number of pellets that have fallen into an acceptable middle weight. End results will dictate which weight bracket you opt for, so test each batch to see how they mate with the gun’s barrel.

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