Interview: Future shooting star Myla Parsons-Smith

 Twelve-year-old Myla Parsons-Smith is a shooter with a promising future. She tells Andy McLachlan how she got started…

Start them off young! Myla is a promising young talent in the airgun shooting world

As the father of three sons I had the privilege of teaching to shoot, I have always taken an interest in young people becoming engaged in our sport. As you attend HFT competitions, it is becoming noticeable that many younger shooters are now girls.

Twelve-year-old Myla Parsons-Smith is clearly a talented young shooter, and has already managed some class wins in the UKAHFT Junior (9-13) category.

Myla, how did you get interested in HFT competition shooting?
My mum, Michelle Parsons, had started shooting HFT competitions, and I wanted to go along with her and see what she found so enjoyable. That was about 10 months ago, and I quickly realised that I found shooting interesting, and wanted to improve so I could shoot as well as Mum.

I noticed when I watched you that you have a set routine for taking each shot; does this help?
If I use a set routine, it means that I find it easier to concentrate when taking a shot.

Myla plus Mum!

You currently use an Air Arms S200. Does the gun help you in any way?
I can use the gun well because it fits me properly and is very light and easy to carry.

What is it that you most like about shooting in HFT competitions?
All of the other shooters are really friendly and helpful. I also like being with Mum, and have become friendly with some of the other younger shooters – like my friend Megan Reid, who also shoots the competitions with her mum Theresa.

Myla has a practised routine for each shot

Has anybody else other than your mum helped you with your shooting development?
Our friend Simon Howarth has helped me with my gun and scope choice, and he has helped improve my shooting as well.

With all the success you’ve had so far, do you intend to carry on with your shooting as you get older?
Yes. I really enjoy the whole day out and seeing my friends again at the shoots we go to. I would miss that if I stopped going.

Myla picks up her Quarry Hunter trophy

Now that you have won some trophies for your shooting, what would you like to achieve as you get more experience?
I just want to continue to enjoy myself and keep on improving. It is great being able to spend time outside with Mum, who has also won some HFT trophies as well.

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