Limited Edition BSA R10 Elite

BSA-R10-Elite-1The BSA R10 Mk2 is one of the most popular rifles on the market today, with a massive shot count, supreme accuracy and a stock that’s so well-balanced, you hardly know you’re holding it!

The R10 Mk2 is the flagship rifle of BSA, one of the oldest firearms manufacturers in the United Kingdom. With a lineage going as far back as the Charge of the Light Brigade, BSA also supplied Lewis guns during WWI, and the machine guns that were fitted to Hurricanes and Spitfires. When you buy a BSA, you’re also buying a piece of history.

The R10 itself has now taken its place within the shooting elite, and many nationally rated FT and HFT shooters use it. Hardly surprising; it’s known for its accuracy, with a cold hammer-forged barrel and regulator ensuring shot consistency. This rifle is capable of shooting a 10-shot string of pellets from its superb magazine through a five-pence (20mm) size hole at 45 yards. Besides balancing the rifle perfectly in the hold, the R10’s front-located buddy bottle means you can shoot upwards of 200 shots between fills.

Available exclusively from The Airgun Centre in Rayleigh, Essex, the BSA R10 Elite was born of a collaboration between Peter Zamit of The Airgun Centre, England’s prestigious Huggett Silencers and, of course, BSA.

BSA-R10-Elite-5Dressed in a stunning Black Pepper laminate stock, which is not only robust but also adds a little bit of weight to the rifle, the R10 Elite feels very stable. The Huggett shroud and silencer fitted to this new R10 has reduced the noise from 76db output, to just 70db – and it’s changed the report’s tone from a ‘crack’ (caused by the supersonic air exiting the muzzle) to a much gentle ‘whoosh’.

BSA-R10-Elite-2The Elite models buddy-bottle also features a rubberised coating from Hydrographics, providing extra protection against scratches and a more comfortable hold on cold, wet days. What’s more, to celebrate their milestone 35 years in the business, The Airgun Centre will also include a BSA Tactical Gunbag to protect the special model. BSA-gun-bag

Only 100 examples of the BSA R10 Elite will be produced – ever… meaning it will be a highly sought-after model by collectors and connoisseurs alike. The price is £899 (rifle only), or £968 for the combo package – and to guarantee a limited edition BSA R10 Elite has your name on it, The Airgun Centre is now taking pre-orders.

BSA-R10-Elite-4This is undeniably an airgun investment opportunity of a lifetime, so to avoid disappointment and register your interest, click here .


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2 comments on “Limited Edition BSA R10 Elite
  1. Nathan farmer says:

    Hello do you have the baa r 10 still for sale

  2. Dean says:

    Do they do this in a fac rated 30fbs and how much would it cost and what sort of shot count would you expect many thanks dean

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