SPONSORED: New Omega TurboCharger with dual piston technology


Air compressor specialists, Omega, have brought out an improved personal, electric air supply system – called the Turbo Charger. And it’s now available in the UK for the first time.

The Turbo Charger builds on the platform of the single-piston SuperCharger by adding a second operating piston, sufficiently independent from the first that should one slow down or fail, the compressor continues to make pressure with the remaining piston. With both working, fill times are reduced to around half the normal time.

The Turbo Charger is housed in a red, carbon fibre-style, all-metal case that protects the compressor from the elements. Included is a carry handle for portability with strong tapered rubber supports, on which to rest your fill tank. Coming with all the usual Omega extras, the unit is priced at £2,149 incl vat.

Available from Gilbert Distribution.



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