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You wouldn’t consider driving without insurance, so why go shooting with none? Cost may be a consideration – but Joe Guest looks at the new GunPlan shooting insurance package that can be tailored to suit any airgunner’s specific needs from as little as £20 per year…

If you’re seeking new shooting rights these days, you won’t even get a look in on a potential permission unless you can show the landowner proof that you’ve got shooting insurance should you inadvertently cause damage to property or someone else while you’re shooting on their land. Indeed, being able to show you’re an insured – and therefore responsible – shooter is often the ace card you can play to ultimately land a new perm.

Some shooters balk at joining a shooting organisation just to get their insurance as part of the overall membership package – but they then find that getting independent public liability cover can be a nightmare for ‘people with guns’! Even if you go to a specific sports insurer, you may end up paying for cover that, as a shooter (and airgunner), you’re never going to need.

That’s why a new insurance scheme has been set up specifically with shooters in mind. Called GunPlan, it’s underwritten by Lloyds of London and regulated by the FSA – and the unique thing about the scheme is that you can tailor a package to suit your specific needs. This means that airgunners can effectively get public liability insurance cover on its own, without having to pay for lots of other so-called ‘benefits’ that they may not actually need, and still be covered in the event of a mishap on their part.

The basic policy provides for up to £10 million personal liability cover (with no excess) should you inadvertently cause damage to property or, heaven forbid, have an accident involving another person. It costs just £20 per year, but airgunners can bespoke their own plan to provide up to £50,000 personal accident cover, and up to £20,000 cover for theft and accidental damage to shooting gear.

John Woosey, GunPlan’s MD, says: “Many airgunners think their equipment is covered under their household insurance policy, but more often than not it isn’t – and accidentally damaging your pride and joy can end up with a big bill. Even if it is covered, making a claim could impact your future household insurance premiums.”

Shooting insurance should be considered as important an item as any piece of gear in your kitbag, and the bespoking concept behind GunPlan is certainly an interesting new angle for getting insured. GunPlan has also made the airgunner’s life extra simple with the introduction of an easy-to-navigate website – – where you can get an instant quote. Alternatively, you can call them on 08000 927 273.

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