Q&A: Can you reduce camo in the summer?

Hunting in the summer can get hot and sweaty when you are head to toe in camouflage. Is there any way to get around the full cover, or is it a case of grinning and baring it? Mat Manning helps out…

Covering your face and hands enhances the effect of camouflage clothing and protects against biting midges

Q. Wearing full camouflage can be a bit of a burden during the summer. Would it make a big difference if I were to leave off my head net and gloves in hot weather?

It depends on the quarry and the setting. I must admit that I do sometimes prefer to have my head uncovered when it’s really warm.

That said, wearing a head net and gloves really does add the finishing touch to a full camo outfit.

Leaving off your head net and gloves exposes tell-tale patches of skin that can spook wary quarry

These simple items cover those tell-tale flashes of skin that can so easily blow your cover when pursuing sharp-eyed pests such as corvids and woodpigeon, and they shouldn’t be too hot to wear if you go for lightweight options.

They also help to shield your skin from biting midges – something I really appreciate, as these irritating insects tend to be particularly active on a lot of my shoots during the summer months.

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