Q&A: Levelling an anti-cant device

Mike Morton explains how to fit an anti-cant device to your scope tube

This Discovery scope has a 1in tube and has been fitted with an anti-cant device of the same diameter

Q. I was given an anti-cant device that clamps to my scope tube – but it’s just been sitting in a drawer because I don’t know how to level it. Can you help?

A. The first thing to do is check to see whether your device is the correct diameter for your particular scope – 1in, 30mm, or even one of the wider-bodied designs such as 34mm that are slowly gaining in popularity. You will also need a second bubble level to ensure the rifle is being held perfectly level when fitting your anti-cant device. If you don’t have a secondary level, various free apps such as Bubble Level are available to turn your phone into a makeshift spirit level.

Hold your rifle steady by placing it in a gun vice, on a bipod or wedged into a shooting bag, then lightly fit the anti-cant device to your scope tube. Position it so you can clearly see the level when the rifle is shouldered. Next, find a flat spot on your rifle, such as the top of the action, and level the gun using your bubble level or phone.

Now you know the rifle is perfectly level, you can gently rotate the anti-cant device until this is level too. Gently tighten the device, just like you would a scope mount, applying gentle, even torque.

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