First impressions: Javelin Lite

Spartan is releasing a Lite version of its Javelin bipod that’s been specially designed with airgun shooters in mind.

The Javelin contains a magnet that clicks the bipod firmly into place with the adaptor on your rifle – it takes just a few seconds to fit or remove in the field

Due to the low bipod mounting location under the air cylinder of a PCP, it can sometimes be difficult to obtain good rifle alignment and a comfortable shooting position with a full-size bipod. The Lite gets round this by offering a choice of three different leg lengths.

The Standard leg offers a height of 14.5cm (5.7”), while the Long is 17.5cm (6.8”) and the Short measures just 11.5cm (4.5”). These new single-section legs can be quickly fitted or removed from the bipod head.

Using Spartan’s Magnetic Attachment System, the entire bipod can be instantly attached to or detached from the rifle, using one of the rifle adapter options.

It offers a locking cant facility for levelling the scope on uneven terrain, a traverse facility and a target mode where the bipod’s traverse action can be fixed to make a tighter system.

The Javelin Lite is made of carbon fibre and aluminium, and is set to retail for £126.48.

Contact Spartan Precision Equipment ( on 020 8090 0585 for more details.

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