Solving the enigma

Today it’s bullpups, but Jonathan Young reminds us that once upon a time the take-down rifle was in vogue – and one great example is the Brocock Enigma

The Enigma was a very unusual gun, a superbly designed multi-shot with variations to keep everyone happy. They were released in black rubberised stocks, black-painted wooden stocks, dipped camo and deluxe wood.

Different barrel and cylinder lengths are occasionally found, with an overall 43” being the average, although some guns were longer, depending on the barrel and silencer combination.

They were weighty too – on paper at least. They point faultlessly with no effort, and their superb balance makes them feel as light as balsa wood – well, almost. With an ergonomic pistol grip that even lefties can use, many shooters comment on how good the Enigma feels.

And on top of all this, it’s a take-down. A big chunky wheel engages the action to the stock, and it’s big enough to use while wearing gloves on winter mornings.

Things moved on at Brocock, and rather unfairly the Enigma hit the collectors’ corner far too quickly. The original Enigmas may not have had a long history – only a few years from their introduction to their demise – but they can still hold their own today with any current PCP. They’re worth finding, because these Enigmas are real gems.

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