Talking shop: Wirral Guns

How did you get started and why?

My dad owned a pawnbroker business that also stocked second-hand airguns, as my dad had a wealth of knowledge. In November 2011, we opened up the dedicated airgun shop, and in 2019, we moved to much larger premises that would permit shooting to take place, and give us the scope to expand our product range, offer repair services to shooters, and facilitiate a dedicated 28-yard indoor shooting range.

Do you specialise in a particular area of the market?

Not particularly – we retail sub-12 ft-lb air rifles and pistols. We are also an authorised service and repair centre for the Daystate, Brocock, Weihrauch and FX brands.

Our in-house gunsmith can and will also work on all other brands if need be. Later this year, we are looking to expand into Section 1 rifles, as we’ve had many enquiries from a number of customers.

Where does your passion come from?

I think it comes from my dad. We always dealt with second-hand airguns, but it was my dad that had the knowledge. Sadly we lost him, but he gave me a great grounding and my interest has grown.

I like to tinker, and love when someone drops off a pig of job, but after a good strip down, clean, service and tune they come back to life.

What piece of advice do you give customers before buying their first rifle? 

We say the gun chooses the shooter. Just because your mate’s got an S410 doesn’t mean it’s suitable for you. Often new customers come in looking for a certain gun, and walk out with a completely different one.

We can guide customers in a direction depending on what they are looking to do, but ultimately, we let them handle them and get a feel for them and they know what feels right/comfortable and thus they make their own choice without realising.

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