Top tips for perfect pellets

Perfect pellets can ensure the perfect shot, so make sure your prep them properly with these easy steps…

1. Prep

Dry pellets by gently swirling them round in your sieve so the water can run off or evaporate. This will ensure every pellet in the batch is warmed and dried evenly.

2. Lube

Drip lube onto your microfibre towel and roll the pellets in it. Pouring lube directly over ammo is too imprecise, leading to inconsistent weights and performance.

3. Size

If I’m taking part in a competition or trying to shoot a group I will use my Pelletgage to select one specific size and hold the remainder over for plinking.

4. Weigh

The pellets in a tin never have exactly the same weight, so determine the average by weighing them and put any that fall outside a chosen range into your plinking pile.

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One comment on “Top tips for perfect pellets
  1. NEIL EDWARDS says:

    Once the pellts have been washed and are still warm from the heat of the hair dryer I spray some Bee’s Wax on the cloth then place the pellets on to the treated area , then I will cover over the pellets with the cloth to make sure all
    the pellets have a coating of Bee’s Wax , then I will uncover the pellets and let them stand for a few moments before placing them back in to the tin , on cooling down the Bee’s Wax will stick to the pellets outter shell , causing them to become quite slippy , hence when used through the barrels rifling they will zip out at a bit extra speed [ it will not take the pellet over the Legal Limit ]
    Foot Note ; Bee’s Wax is best used in Spring Powered Air Rifles and oil is best used in PCP rifles .

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