Why you need a shooting bean bag

Whether you’re in the field or at the range, beanz meanz comfort!

What are they?

Shooting bags provide a clean and comfortable platform to either sit or kneel on. They can also be used as somewhere to lay your rifle when it’s not being used, keeping it free of mud, dust and dirt.

What do they do?

They elevate the shooter off the ground slightly, but their primary purpose is to improve comfort and stability, whether you’re shooting offhand or using a set of sticks. A bean bag will also provide you with a good layer of insulation in cold weather.

When should I use one?

The obvious time to deploy a bean bag is when you’re static-hunting from a hide and may have to sit still for hours. But a bag will help your shooting in competition too – contest rules permitting – and is great to use on an indoor or garden range as well.

Bean bags can be used as somewhere to lay your rifle when it’s not being used

What should I look for?

Most bags are made of Cordura, which is waterproof when new, but can start to leak over time when the fibres start to open up with use. Bean bags can come empty or filled. Make sure that you buy one that’s fairly light and has a carry handle.

How do I use one?

Bean bags are perfect for sitting shots, and when taking a kneeler you can either kneel directly on the bag or tuck it under the shin bones of your kneeling leg. One tip is to slip your bag inside a new bin liner every time you use it, to keep it clean and protect it from UV damage.

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