Airgun addict: Jeremy Stamp

At just eight years of age, Jeremy struggled to cock his first rifle, but he persisted, and it started a lifelong love of all things air


My first air rifle was a Britannia, manufactured by CG Bonehill of Birmingham and sold by R Ramsbottom to the Woolwich Arsenal for use as a military trainer in the early 1900s.

Being only eight at the time I struggled to even cock the rifle, and it was so heavy I used to rest it on a hedge. My target of choice was my mother’s pegs on the washing line at 20 yards.


My mate had a Diana 75, and I loved the complete range of rifles they made. I finally obtained a Diana Model 15, which I cherished, and still have two working models to this day.  But my pride and joy is a Whiscombe JW 60 FT – it is so quiet, and it has the recoil of a PCP, just like the makers claimed.


I am currently secretary of East Devon Field Target Club. My target rifle of choice is a Steyr LG100, a very accurate tack-driver far more accurate than I can shoot. I also often shoot an Air Arms TX200SR with a glorious walnut stock. My most recent purchase is a BSA Defiant, which is great fun on the club’s plinking range.


When people ask me how to get started, I tell them to get involved with a club. The members will offer advice and let you try their rifle. The biggest mistake is going blind into a shop and buying what you don’t need. Don’t waste your hard-earned cash on something that is not suitable for you or the shooting you want to do.

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