Go Wild At The Warren owner Garry Janes interview

Garry Janes, the owner of Go Wild At The Warren, offers everything from airguns to an RPG!

What is Go Wild At The Warren, and how did you get started?

Go Wild At The Warren is an outdoor leisure facility in Sussex that is offering shooting experiences for shooters from the ages of 10 years old and upwards. There’s an RPG and mortar experience, proper shooting lessons, archery experiences, bushcraft courses, a camp craft cooking course –  and you can bring your own rifle.

I’ve travelled all around the world to some of the most remote places, taught survival, and have been shooting since I was about six years old. Go Wild started out with a Hunger Games training camp, which was hugely popular at the time, and then from that we set up archery experiences, which was followed by us offering shooting experiences. Last to come along has been the cafe and the new yurt in the middle of the forest, including a wood-fired hot tub.

Our plans for the future include building a bigger gun shop, which will give the more serious shooter and the novice alike a great place to try before you buy. This is the perfect location for that, as we have a huge shooting area which is 100 metres long and around 50 metres wide.

You have a selection of guns for people to shoot – which ones are most popular?

I would say that the most popular guns our shooters tend to go for are the sniper rifles and the RPG.

What sort of targets have you got for visitors to shoot at?

I have a huge range of targets available, from the standard paper ones to a great selection of knockdown ones, as well as things like big wheels, exploding targets, lifesize roebuck and muntjac targets, Figure 11 and numerous different sizes of steel targets. I’m also developing some more reactive targets which will give some great pyrotechnic effects.

You offer an RPG and a mortar! How did that come about?

I happened to have a deactivated one and some explosives knowledge and converted it to fire a pyrotechnic rocket! Same with the mortar. I’ve had a visit from Her Majesty’s home security, and we’re all good to go.

You can even bring along your own rifle, does this attract more serious shooters?

I have been receiving dozens of calls every week from people with their own guns wanting to shoot somewhere. I have also been approached by more serious shooters wanting to improve their skills at longer distances, and our 100 metre range will do just that.

You offer bushcraft courses too – would they be useful for the airgun hunter?

Perhaps the bushcraft course wouldn’t, but our camp craft cookery course definitely would. We go through skinning, butchering and cooking all types of game and squirrel, pigeon and rabbit. 

To find out more about Garry’s range, visit www.gowildatthewarren.uk

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