A bit of a hard case…

Range-Right has introduced an Italian-made, high quality hard case aimed at bullpup airgun owners.

Bullpups have exploded in popularity, but many owners have struggled to find a case that not only protects their gun, but suits its diminutive dimensions.

Full-size rifle hard cases are a bit of a waste of space, while traditional gun bags rarely fit, and even if they do, they can result in bullpups sliding around inside.

The new case being imported by Range-Right is expected to sell for around £60. It’s made from high-quality black plastic with dense eggshell foam inside, and four sturdy brass-hinged snap catches to keep everything secure.

Measuring 98cm x 27cm x 12cm, the case accommodates all makes of bullpup even when fitted with a silencer, scope and other accessories.

For more information call 01423 881919 or email sales@range-right.co.uk.

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