Accuracy is key in this month’s Airgun Shooter magazine!

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Mat Manning relishes the challenge of shooting carrion crows and jackdaws as these wily corvids are seldom easy to outwit, but their scavenging nature can be their downfall, as he demonstrates with hide and decoy tactics.

Richard Saunders has been out hunting too, accompanied by a couple of shooting buddies. They’ve been burning the candle at both ends as they head out before sunrise to tackle some grey squirrels – then keep on shooting into the night, this time for rabbits.

Mike Morton’s been offering some down-to-earth advice about shooting from the most stable platform of all – the prone position, pointing out a few ways shooters can optimise the way they position themselves and how they use their kit to make going prone more efficient and more comfortable.

Jonathan Young has been gassing on about the history of CO2 pistols, rifles and even shotguns – and offers a closer look at some of his personal favourites, including guns from Schimel, Crosman and Smith & Wesson. As a confirmed BB addict, he’s also been explaining how to build the perfect ammo catcher to use on your garden range.

Mat’s also been bitten by the CO2 bug, and has been testing the Umarex RP5 pump-action pistol, while Mike’s been shooting the Stoeger RX20 S3 Suppressor Combo – a rifle that looks very different from a standard break-barrel. He’s also been testing a pair of Ridgeline Camlite boots, as well as putting some lead downrange in this month’s pellet test with the Weihrauch Magnum in .22 calibre.

All this is capped off with our Airgun Answers section, where we tackle your shooting-related queries about homemade piston seals, wind doping and what to do if you’ve mistakenly overfilled your PCP.

You can enjoy all that and more by getting your copy here today!

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