African Animal Art from Rigby

Rigby firearms engraver Geoffrey Lignon has turned to a different type of art to create some prints featuring four well-known African animals.

Each collection of 100 prints features either a Cape buffalo called ‘The black death’, a leopard titled ‘The elusive’, a rhino called ‘Redemption’ or a lion print named ‘Not a king, a lion’.

Geoffrey has tried to purvey the African animals in their true form, showing every one of their scars, scratches and imperfections. Each print has been hand-signed and numbered by the artist, then relief stamped with the Rigby logo.

Geoffrey’s technique for creating these prints is unique, taking a black board and a white gel pen, with three black pencils to draw the animals. He said it was a technique that gave striking results.

The Cape buffalo and rhino took him between 35 and 45 hours to complete, while the lion and leopard were double that due to the detail in their coats.

If you are interested in acquiring one of these prints then visit

The prints have an RRP of £250 per A1 print, plus P&P. A certificate of authenticity is provided.

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