Airgun addict: Emma Stratford

Emma has only been in the sport for a year, but has become an accomplished rifle shooter and is already winning medals.


I started shooting in September 2018 aged 15, at a taster session for Target Shooting School, which I then joined. I was immediately hooked and now visit every week. It is a very rewarding sport in my opinion, and it’s satisfying to be able to correct or change something small in your technique and see immediate results on your targets.


As I don’t own my own rifle yet, I use the Air Arms S400 MPR, which is the rifle provided by the Target Shooting School. This has diopter sights instead of a scope. The MPR stands for Multi Purpose Rifle, so is great for the 10M Sporter Rifle and 20 yard Light Sport Rifle that we shoot.


The instructors have been extremely helpful in helping me progress in shooting, giving great advice and support and making the lessons fun. I also try hard because it annoys my sister when I do well. But she was happy for me when I won Gold in the Surrey LSR Open this year in the junior class.


When other people ask me for any tips to help with their shooting I suggest that something that works for me is listening to slow, calming music before shooting as it helps keep my heart rate down, which improves my shooting.

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