Airgun Insider: Change for change’s sake?

Will the Offensive Weapons Bill actually reduce crime?

The latest readings of the Offensive Weapons Bill have been taking place in the House of Lords. Given the amount of hours it has been discussed by both houses and hopefully investigated by MPs, you’d like to think it would tackle the issue.

But most of it seems to be so they can say they are doing something, regardless of its effect on law-abiding citizens.

Our powder-burning friends are set to lose MARS-type rifles, a way to chamber the next round without the traditional movement of a bolt – this can increase the fire rate, but the system offers a huge benefit to handicapped shooters who can now take part in our sport. No MARS-type rifle has ever been involved in a crime.

The Bill also suggests curtailing mail order blades. The sport of fencing would be hugely affected, as there are few shops selling foils. Athletes would be forced to travel miles to purchase them.

The most worrying aspect is the simple statement that they are promising a review of all firearms, including air rifles. What ineffective laws can we expect next? Do we not already have enough?

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