Airgun Insider: What can I do to help my sport?

The Insider wonders what we can do to make 2021 even more successful for shooters.

I’m always asking myself what can I do to help promote shooting. Let’s be honest, as far as most non-shooters are concerned, it’s something they’re indifferent about at best.

Of course we know all the positives shooting brings – self-discipline, application, a love of the outdoors and camaraderie – but it’s all about public perception.

One of the best ways I’ve found is to make sure people know that shooting is a regular sport. Don’t talk about it in hushed tones or apologise for being someone who shoots. Talk to your friends or colleagues about the sport, and ask if they want to go out shooting with you.

You may get odd looks, knockbacks or even outright hostility, but then again you might just make a few people think a lot more favourably about our sport, and that’s got to be worth the effort.

If you are a member of a club, then encourage your club to have guest days for friends or groups like the local Round Table or Scouts. Not only will this show how shooting is just like any other sport, but it might also earn the club some new members.

And when sustainable natural food sources are in the news, why not share some of your bounty with friends and neighbours? Perhaps start simple with bunny burgers or a jointed rabbit and tell them to cook it just like chicken. You can also point out that grass-fed rabbits are not only tasty, but carbon-neutral.

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