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Picatinny? Pick A Sling Swivel

I am sure you must know about QD mounts for slings. Just in case, these are fantastic. The male clips into the female mounted on the weapon. To remove it, you press the button on top of the male fitting.

Once you use these, you will never go back to the awkward swivel. These are used extensively in the military a la Picatinny mounting.

William Baxt, Berwyn, Pennsylvania

Thanks for letting us know about these William – the old sling swivel system, while it works well, can be a bit clumsy to operate, and especially so in cold weather.

It’s also good to see a system that works with Picatinny rails – we’re seeing more and more of these on airguns, such as the Brocock Bantam Sniper HR that makes an appearance on pages 8-9 of this issue.

Letter of the month

The Whole Truth

No matter how you look at it, Mr Chris Packham, Dr Mark Avery and Dr Ruth Tingay have to be admired! They achieved their goal via a single-minded, focused assessment of their aim, and, in a cool and determined fashion, applied their actions in a wilful manner and demonstrably won their case!

Pigeon droppings represent a serious health risk and can contaminate animal feed

Disregarding fear of personal safety and with equal disregard for the wellbeing of anyone, except their cause, they have their ‘enemies’ in disarray. Wow, that has to be a lesson to us all.

So prior to the Countryside March planned on 29 June this year, this is what needs to be done:

Gather evidence of the result of their action, but do not cheat or manufacture false evidence. Show the truth. Tell the truth with all the passion you can muster! However, do this dispassionately. Bring videos and photographs – banner-sized – of fields sown with seeds, then the pictures of those same fields invaded by pigeons, crows and jackdaws. Show the loss to the farmers and the hard work and effort lost because of bird destruction.

Show the healthy newborn lamb and the dead lamb, or the lambs that have to be humanely destroyed. Show these on video if you have one. Show the feed bins and work areas before flocks of crows, jackdaws and pigeons descend into a building and defecate into feed bins. Show the sickly calves and the dead calves injured and killed by the filth that these birds deposit in work areas of every farm.

Prove your case honestly, with no manufactured or fake news just to win your argument. Do this in the same focused and determined manner as Mr Packham, Dr Mark Avery and Dr Ruth Tingay and you will win the argument and support of everyone who eats the food grown by our farmers, cattlemen and shepherds throughout the country.

Like Chris Packham, Dr Mark Avery and Dr Ruth Tingay, I believe that emotional arguments are very powerful; but then you cannot eat an emotional argument, can you?

Roderick McCafferty, Kilwinning, Ayrshire

Optimum Hunting Magnification

For hunting, you do not need much more than 6x or 7x magnification for legal-limit rifle use. A friend would not let go of his high setting, despite finding it far too much power for just hunting.

When airgun hunting, you need to get up close to the quarry, hence 16x will be over-kill at shorter distances. A few months ago, I was using a 2-7×32. Although not fixed power, I zeroed it on 7x and taped the power ring up so I could not move it from this setting by mistake.

The 3-9x Hawke scope fitted to this Weihrauch HW 95K is just right for hunting and plinking

Plus, I reduced parallax from 100 yards to 35 yards, and the smaller 32mm lens produced a brighter and much clearer sight image than a 40mm scope and a wider field of view.

Remember, when hunting, any body movement made on your part is instantly magnified into the image of the scope. But I must point out, when using a 32mm front lens, if you have a silencer fitted, it may pick up the back end of the silencer in the lower part of the lens, causing a dark shadow. There are only two options here; either remove the silencer, or replace the low mounts for medium height.

Neil Edwards, Wrexham

Scopes with larger objective lenses definitely have their uses for certain applications, but it’s wise to note biggest does not always mean best.

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