Airgun safety in the spotlight

Manufacturers and retailers are being urged to get behind a new campaign to enforce airgun safety and stave off the threat of tighter legislation.

Supported by the GTA and AMTA, the Airgun Sports Trust is a universal airgun safety campaign based around the three tenets of ‘Be safe, be secure, be better’.

Aimed at end-users, the final objective of the campaign is to show policymakers that airgunners are responsible and self-regulating. Airgun licensing has been in effect in Scotland for two and a half years, and it is widely thought that politicians in England and Wales may consider implementing a similar regime.

The campaign will include posters and stickers in airgun retailers and at ranges, literature included with new airguns, and an ambassador campaign to be run on social media and in shooting magazines.

“Most people know best practice, but complacency is one of the biggest problems we have come across,” said Ben Tolhurst of the GTA. “The safer you are with an airgun, the better you are storing it, the better an airgunner you will be in general.”

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