Airgun Shooter 122 is on sale NOW

The latest edition of Airgun Shooter is officially available to purchase!

PLEASE NOTE: This edition of Airgun Shooter was produced BEFORE the revocation of the general licences.

With peak breeding season threatening a population explosion of feathered pests on the farm, Mat Manning hits the yard to halt the rampage. Mat knows the air rifle is an excellent tool for poison-free vermin control, and with the sensible use of backstops, a sub-12ft-lb airgun’s modest power facilitates safe shooting in the confines of farm buildings.

Richard Saunders and his friends have also been heading to the farm, but in this case they’ve been tooling-up with some night vision gear – and dodging some chicken slurry – for an after-dark session targeting rats.

Warmer weather usually brings a slew of newcomers to the sport, so Mike Morton’s been running through some basics regarding the types of airgun that are on the market right now as well as the legal obligations regarding airgun ownership.

Mat’s been using the Air Arms Ultimate Sporter for  years as he carries out his pest control duties, so he was only too pleased to put the new regulated ‘R’ version of the rifle through its paces. Did he like it? Spoiler alert: yes he did!

Mike, meanwhile, has been shooting a CO2-powered rendition of the Lee-Enfield SMLE – the rifle that served British and Commonwealth forces so well during the First World War. He’s also been looking through the Hawke Airmax 30 SF Compact – and the name suggests it’s a compact scope for compact air rifles. Richard, meanwhile, has been joining the dots by taking a look at dot sights and asking – and answering – what role do they play for the airgun shooter?

Target shooter Andy McLachlan’s been musing over whether multi-shot magazines should stay in the hunting field, or whether they can be used to good effect on the range or in competition too. He’s also been singing the praises of .22 – a calibre that’s fallen a bit out of favour with competitive shooters of late.

All this is capped off with our Airgun Answers section, where we tackle your shooting-related queries about getting a good head position with a scope, how to ensure you take only humane shots when hunting and whether or not you can clean your gun too much.

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