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Most gunmakers have at least one bullpup in their line-up, but Russian firm Ataman has taken the concept one step further in creating the BP17 Micro Bullpup, which has an overall length of 605mm and must surely be one of the shortest regulated PCPs ever made. Mike Morton‘s been putting this little pup through its paces, and likes what he sees.

Mike’s been carrying out a minor conversion to his beloved BSA R-10, fitting a Huggett Shroud and finding out if he can hear the silence from this slick-looking supplement. He also takes a look at the long-awaited production variant of the SMLE from Lee-Enfield (Guns).

Mat Manning has been continuing the ‘small is beautiful’ theme by testing the MTC SWAT Prismatic, a little 10x magnification scope that has a wide field of view and a very short body tube, thanks to the use of a prism rather than conventional lenses.

Mat’s been setting his sights on some grain-raiding grey squirrels as he heads out on his late-winter woodland rounds, while Kev Hawker‘s been waiting since before dusk to target some pigeons as they come into roost.

Richard Saunders has been working out how to deliver the best bang for your buck by shooting five air rifle combos, finding you can save a fair bit of cash whatever your budget.

Mike’s been passing on some tips and techniques for 10 Metre Rifle and Pistol, and reckons most of these will come in handy for hunters and plinkers too, not just target shooters.

Benchrest shooting demands superb levels of accuracy, but for some people the range just isn’t far enough, as our dedicated target expert Andy McLachlan explains, pushing the boundaries of both accuracy and distance.

All this is capped off with our Airgun Answers section, where we tackle your shooting-related queries about tabletop repairs, synthetic stocks and why pellets perform better in some airguns than others.

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