Airgun Shooter 134 is out NOW!

The latest edition of Airgun Shooter is now available for digital download!

We take a look at one of the most eagerly awaited air rifles of the year – the new Daystate Delta Wolf. The Staffordshire-based company has been championing electronic airgun technology since 2002, and all that experience has been poured into the company’s most advanced rifle yet.

Mat Manning heads out for a night’s shooting in a pheasant pen where rats have homed in on the gamebirds’ feed. It’s a clear night, which isn’t ideal for shooting because it doesn’t offer the same concealment, but Mat is still expecting to make a good tally by ambushing the rodents with night vision gear.

Mat’s also managed to get his hands on the new Weihrauch HW110 in a grey laminate stock. The HW110 was already an excellent airgun, but Mat reckons the addition of this elegant handle has turned it into something really special.

Richard Saunders makes light work of choosing four lightweight rifles that make perfect companions when you want to head out hunting and go mobile, and Mike Morton stays with the lightweight theme as he tests the carbine variant of the Umarex RP5 CO2-powered multi-shot pistol.

Mike also shoots the little SIG Sauer P365. This BB-firing blowback is based on the company’s 9mm powder-burner, and it’s an interesting choice, because both the original and the airgun are truly tiny! The testing continues with the RWS Super Field, a pellet that’s found favour with many Field Target and HFT shooters over the years.

HFT and benchrest shooter Andy McLachlan’s also been talking about pellets, explaining the art of pellet preparation and how bulk-buying by batch number can keep your combo shooting sweetly for months, if not years, to come.

All this is capped off with our Airgun Answers section, where we tackle your shooting-related queries about fitting moderators to older airguns, budget shooting gloves and what to do with deformed ammo.

You can get yours here:

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