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Daystate’s new Delta Wolf must be one of the most eagerly awaited airguns of all time, and our main feature this issue explains just how exciting it is to get in the field and shoot this electronic supergun.

With hordes of crows causing problems on the farm, Mat Manning cracks down on the scavenging corvids. His first task is to build a hide because crows are sharp-eyed birds and will steer well clear if they see a hunter lurking. It’s a job that needs to be done quickly though, as the birds will become suspicious if they see him working away on the edge of the field.

Fellow airgun hunter Rich Saunders stalks a few rabbits that have been making a nuisance of themselves amid the polytunnels on a fruit farm. Rich usually patrols the area in a vehicle, but this time he goes in on foot to get up close and personal with the boisterous bunnies.

Even though Covid-19 restrictions are easing, many shooters are sticking to their garden range for now, and Mike Morton runs through some of the types of target people can set up to help hone their skills – or just have fun plinking.

Mike also takes a look at the Davros Head from Spartan Precision – a device that screws into a shooting tripod to make the rifle even more stable. Mat’s been putting some new kit through its paces too – this time he swaps monochrome night vision for red-hot heat signatures as he tests the Saim SCL35 thermal gunsight from Optical Solutions on some fidgety rats.

Rifle shooter Andy McLachlan decides to start packing a pistol once again – the famous Weihrauch HW45 – but he can’t decide which calibre and so ends up with one of each. Lucky man!

All this is capped off with our Airgun Answers section, where we tackle your shooting-related queries about ballistic pendulums and the best airgun quarry ambush tactics.

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