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Apart from looking gorgeous, laminated wood stocks offer a number of practical benefits and Mat Manning’s been testing the new HW98 Grey Laminate from Weihrauch.

This is a rifle that offers near target-grade performance in a hunting package. And did we mention it looks great too?!

Mat’s also been after some particularly problematic bunnies. These rabbits have become skittish, making them difficult to outwit with a roving approach, so Mat’s changed tactics and set up a stakeout.

Mike Morton’s been feeling the need for speed and has been investigating whether shooting a PCP in rapid-fire mode can offer any advantages beyond the pure thrill factor of hurling lead downrange in as short a time as possible. He’s also been finding out whether using a magazine is necessarily faster than using a single-shot adapter.

It’s always a pleasure to find specialised products that are built or designed by the same type of people that actually use them, and that’s exactly what we have with the Helix 6-24×50 from Element Optics. Mike’s been putting this new scope through its paces, so find out what he made of it.

Tactical rifles are so named because many of them mimic designs used by the military, and just about every air rifle maker has added at least one of these models to their line-up.

In a new twist to the genre, many tactical rifles have a modular design, allowing you to swap out standard parts for third party items, and Richard Saunders has been evaluating four top choices.

Target Shooter Andy McLachlan often shoots purely for relaxation, but explains how the added pressure of a competition can still be an enjoyable experience. While Andy also enjoys snap shooting with his air rifle at the range, he finds some furious action of a very different nature outside.

All this is capped off by our Airgun Answers section in which we tackle your shooting-related queries, this time focusing on how to choose a knife, how to clean chequering and the relevance today of open sights.

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